An obsessively intricate multicultural mélange that makes TechiLA a most interesting Alternative Latin Band. Mixing Hip Hop, Funk, Rock and Electronica with Mexican instruments and sounds, Latin Percussion, Salsa, Cumbia and other Latin rhythms, accompanied by creative and witty Spanish lyrics, this band breaks all stereotypes. Similar artists: Kinky, Mexican Institute of Sound, Nortec Collective

TECHiLA songs have been featured in numerous television series such as “The Shield” (FX), “Sleeper Cell” (Showtime), “Dexter” (Showtime) and “Heroes” (NBC), as well as feature films such as “Marlee and Me”, and “Not Forgotten” (Anchor Bay Ent.).

Produced by Daniel Indart

Executive Producer: Sara Traina

Engineered and mixed by Daniel Indart and Danny Osuna,

            Indart Ranch Studios, Tarzana, California

Art conceived and created by: Hector Cortez

Graphic Design: Hector Cortez


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