Nacion Ekeko

Nacion Ekeko

  Re-discovering Andean and Aymara culture

Through Latin Electronica 

"My curiosity for electronica and improvisation emerged like a new instrument. Electronica is a tool that I really like to work with, but I always got hit by the contradiction that playing it live gave the impression that it was pre-recorded. I wanted to break with that and use it as another instrument, interacting with the acoustic instruments. That is why I now end up using pedals, along with controls coming out of a flashlight, I play music with my hands in the air. This brings electronica to a more organic and fun place, not so locked up in a structure". Diego Perez

Parts of the Ekeko throughout Latin America

"I started researching the figure of the Ekeko in more detail and I came upon the story of an individual that would bring knowledge and aid to diverse towns, until the settlers arrived, they captured and killed him. They carved him up into little pieces so that the Ekeko would never return. The Aymara people say that when he gets pieced back together, their culture will be reborn. I was impressed by this because that was exactly the way I felt about the voices from all the different places: dismembered. I believe that our strength is in being in touch with each other, in communicating with one another, in knowing what is happening to others, in community. All of that has been dismembered. And this is just as current as it was then. Diego Perez

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