Changüí and Son Cubano. A celebration of the Cuban countryside!

Composed and arranged by Jesus Alejandro El Niño, this selection of Son Cubano and Changüí, performed by Cuban artists Enger Contreras, Los Corales, and El Niño himself, evoking nostalgic images of a long ago Cuban countryside, where they would gather to celebrate after a hard day of work.

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1          Celebrando – Enger Contreras (J.A. Perez Alvarez, D. Indart)

2          Donde Esta Mi Caballo – Jesus Alejandro El Niño (J.A. Perez Alvarez)

3          Traeme Mi Ron – Enger Contreras (J.A. Perez Alvarez)

4          Me Voy Pa Camaguey – Los Corales (O.L. Morejon)

5          Pon El Ron En La Mesa – Enger Contreras (D. Indart, J.A. Perez Alvarez)     

6          Para Marla – Los Corales (O.L. Morejon)

7          Ron Con Guiro – Enger Contreras (J.A. Perez Alvarez)

8          Dame El Ron – Enger Contreras (D. Indart, J.A. Perez Alvarez)

9          Mulata De Mis Amores – Los Corales (O.L. Morejon)

10        Con Los Macheteros – – Enger Contreras (J.A. Perez Alvarez, D. Indart) 


The Band:

Piano, Trés, Flute: Jesus Alejandro El Niño

Percussion: Eugenio Osorio, Jesus Alejandro El Niño


Los Corales: Oscar Luis Morejon, Narciso Garcia Gonzalez

Guitars: Oscar Luis Morejon and Narciso Garcia Gonzalez

Bass: Reinery Diaz


Produced by Daniel Indart

Executive Producer: Sara Traina

Engineered by Ricky Campanelli, Montreal, Canada

Engineered by Neiver A. Alvarez, Montreal, Canada

Engineered and mixed by Daniel Indart, Fernando (Feri) Gutierrez, Indart Ranch Studios, Tarzana, California

Art: Reinaldo Hernandez Valera

Graphic Design: Hector Cortez

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