• LMS is a boutique music publishing company and record company

    Specialized in Latin music, we don't follow the big, cumbersome, generic "stock" music library model, with hundreds of thousands of many unusable tracks. We don't treat Latin music as an afterthought or throw it in as part of a larger package. We personally know and "hand-pick" each one of our artists and their songs, and select them on the merits of authenticity, quality of composition, and variety.
  • The world's largest selection and variety of authentic, independent Latin music, 100% clear

    Thousands of original songs from independent artists and bands from the Latin music world. From Salsa to Reggaeton, Cumbia to Techno-Tango, from Latin Hip-Hop to Norteño, Narco Corridos to Vintage Mambos, we have many great options from which you can choose.
  • 100% pre-cleared means hassle-free

    We own and administer 100% of the compositions and masters of ALL the songs in our entire catalog for your peace of mind.
  • LMS does not look to imitate Latin music, we are "originators" of Latin music

    Film and TV Latino audiences all over the world appreciate the difference. And we know you care about this. Our team of experts are as diverse as the Latin cultures they represent. We are consummate ethnomusicologists and experts in Latin music and culture.
  • We are always on top of the latest Latin music trends

    We keep track of the latest Latin music trends, continuously find new talent, artists, and add new songs, and grow and keep our catalog fresh and up to date.
  • Song searching has never been easier and more fun

    No more long and confusing drop-down list of options. Browse through our pre-selected, expertly-curated playlists to find hidden gems and our staff favorites, or have our team of experts customize the right selection for you.
  • We offer the added value of expert advice on song selections for your film and TV project

    Merengue? Mexican cumbia? Colombian cumbia? Puerto Rican Salsa? Which is the best choice for your scene? We have the knowledge to help you decide on the best Latin style or genre for your project.
  • Need it pronto?

    What if we do the search and find several perfect options for you in less than an hour? We're available to do so 24/7 by phone or by e-mail.
  • Temp Track Replacement

    Play us your Temp and we'll send you a handful of perfect replacement options.
  • Delivery of Stems and Sub-Mixes

    We can help you make your final mix a breeze.
  • Alternate Mixes

    If you don't need the trumpet or lead guitar, want percussion or instrumentals only, let us know and it's done. We have access to ProTools sessions of most of our songs to accomodate most any request.
  • We have the audio format you need for your final mix

    Mp3? Wav? Aiff?. Just ask and we'll deliver.
  • We say no to Re-titling

    Latin Music Specialists has been a leader against the practice of song re-titling. So there is no confusion, all of our songs are owned and distributed ONLY by Latin Music Specialists.
  • Custom Latin music production

    Have you looked everywhere for the perfect song but couldn't find it? Is time running out? Do you need a very specific Latin song or sound that will fit well with your visual cue? We have the talent and facilities to arrange, record, and produce any Latin song to meet your specific needs. Delivered in a day.
  • Casting music talent for on-camera performances

    Need someone who looks like a legit conga player? Need to cast an attractive Latin band for an on-camera performance? We can also give you a hand with that.
  • Spanish/Portuguese singing accent coaching

    Native speakers are available to assist actors/singers with the right pronunciation.
  • Musical performance coaching for actors

    Our team of Latin music experts is available to help your actor "play the part" and make his or her performance look real on the set.
  • Lyric adaptation to story or script

    We can modify the lyrics of any song in our catalog to fit the story or vibe of your project.
  • Language adaptations

    Our team can create a perfect adaptation of lyrics from English to Spanish or Portuguese, or vice versa.
  • Original music composition

    With a global team of Latin music composers, songwriters, and bands, we are capable of delivering new songs in any genre in a matter of hours.
  • Full dramatic scoring

    Let our film scoring experts bring your project to life with the power of Latin music.
  • We love what we do, and you can enjoy the benefit of it

    We love discovering young, talented, independent Latin artists and songwriters from all over the US, Latin America, and Spain. We help them polish their craft and talent, produce, distribute, and promote their songs for the world to discover and enjoy.